Okay,So Coke is the world’s most widely distributed product and it can

be found in over 200 countries worldwide – those are the kind

of stats the Coca-Cola Company want you to know. But did

you know just how much sugar we consume each year from

Coke products alone? Or do you know the effects of Coca-

Cola on our teeth? Those are the kinds of things they

definitely don’t want you to know, except that you’re about

1. Snails and slugs can be killed by Coca-


The acid in the soda will kill snails and slugs.

2. Coke can actually soften your bones;

Carbonation is known to reduce the calcium in your bones, as

does phosphoric acid (an ingredient in Coca-Cola) which

effectively softens your bones. What makes it even worse is

that most people choose Coke as an alternative to calcium-

containing beverages like milk which can aid in replenishing

calcium in the bones.

3. Diet Coke isn’t any better for you than

regular Coke;

Studies have found that the artificial sweeteners found in diet

soda can cause weight gain, metabolic syndrome, diabetes,

and heart disease, which means it’s pretty much on par with

regular soda.

4. Coke can strip grime off a penny;

Pennies looking a little dull? Cover them with Coca-Cola

overnight and rinse them off in the morning. You’ll find the

Coke has stripped away all the grime, revealing a shiny, new

penny,same applies to Jewelry. Just remember: you’re drinking something this


5. American Coke tastes different from

international Coke;

The formula for the concentrate doesn’t change, but there is a

slight difference in sweetness according to the local culture’s

palate. Some countries such as Mexico still use cane sugar

instead of the high fructose corn syrup that’s used in the

United States.

6. You can use Coke to clean your toilet;

The acidity of the Coke helps break down and remove stains

in your toilet. Simply just pour a can in your toilet, let it sit

for a bit, and scrub away.

7. Coke can make your car batter last


Corrosion is a common problem with older car batteries, but

you can use Coke to remove most of the corrosion. .

8. Coke can be used as lawn fertilizer;

Coke is a pivotal ingredient in a lawn tonic trick that many

golf course groundskeepers use. Use that trick and your lawn

will be greener in days.

9. Coca-Cola could be to blame for

reduced sperm counts;

According to a Danish study, men who drink more than 32

ounces of Coke each day could be harming their sperm count.

On average, heavy soda drinkers had counts almost 30%

lower than men who didn’t drink soda.

10. Coca-Cola can be used to remove rust

from metal;

Dip a cloth in undiluted Coke and scrub away at the rust.

Pretty soon it will look good as new.

11. Coke can ruin your teeth!